A Comprehensive Oral Health Care for The Whole Family

St. Kilda dentist and Richmond Dental Clinic are popular for providing a wide range of services starting from baby’s first check-up to custom design and installation of dental implants. Their main objective is to help you and your family to keep your teeth and gum in the best possible condition.

The expertise general dentistry area of practice offers an extensive range of services that include design and fitting of partial and full dentures, root canal treatment, wisdom teeth removal, dental fillings, and restorative procedures.

The children’s dentistry offers a great trust and relief to parents, who can rest assured that their child is in safe and comfortable hands when they book an appointment with Richmond Dental Clinic and St. Kilda dentist. They understand that children need proper care and attention to have healthier teeth and mouth throughout their life. St. Kilda dentist and Richmond Dental Clinic follow the philosophy of providing children’s dental services with extra care as they experience quick phases of jaw development and teeth grown.

Their children’s dentistry service follows a certain strategy which includes providing first dental check-ups and cleaning, cavity fillings, dental sealants, pediatric dental procedures, patient education and much more.

Patients, who are in need of the specialist or cosmetic care are also in good hands. The expert dentists provide bridges and dental crowns. They also provide consultation services for Invisalign invisible braces. The cosmetic services include porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, Invisalign, and comprehensive smile makeovers to address misaligned or chipped teeth.

Their goal is to ensure that you are provided with proper information and treatments you need to get the optimal outcome for as per your oral health condition, circumstances, and budget.

In a nutshell the advanced general dentistry and procedures include:

  • Dental implants
  • The custom-made porcelain dental implants are meant to provide a permanent, natural-looking solution to the loss of one or more than one tooth
  • Wisdom teeth extraction or removal
  • Expert treatment and care for discomfort, pain, and oral health problems arising from wisdom teeth removal or inflamed root canal treatment
  • Sleep Apnoea and snoring treatment
  • Restorative therapy
  • Children’s dentistry and much more