A Guide on Drug Rehab Options from Anthem Insurance

Anthem is a trusted health insurance company and if you are looking for Detox to Rehab cover, it may be just the ideal carrier for you. The company mostly provides rehab coverage through its Blue Cross Blue Shield subsidiaries. The kind of coverage varies based on where you are located and the plan you choose.

Explore the level of drug rehab coverage provided by Anthem and how you can benefit from it if you need support. The company is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA). This provides it the same level of reach as the BCBSA.

Medical Detox Coverage

Certain plans from Anthem insurance cover independent medical detox. They also cover services related to drug use treatment. The coverage you will receive depends on your plan and your state.

Factors Affecting Coverage

There are many factors that affect the type and level of coverage you receive for your addiction treatment and rehab. This includes:

  • Medical importance of addiction treatment
  • Related diagnoses that may also need to be treated
  • The duration of stay
  • The substances involved

The company may also consider your treatment history.

Coverage for Behavioral Therapy

Many patients need to undergo behavioral therapy to treat their addiction problem. Anthem also covers behavioral therapies, which are categorized under mental health coverage. The company has specialized Behavioral Health Care Managers who coordinate with your healthcare providers. This helps in integrating the mental and physical health care you receive.

Specific areas of behavioral health treatment covered by the insurer include therapists, physicians, acute care, and facilities like specialty hospitals. The company also gives you the chance for a review, thus increasing the scope of treatment access you can have. With a customer base of more than 38 million, Anthem is a major player in the industry. It is a trusted company and you should choose the right plan for yourself.