A popular steroid, Anavar can supply huge gains

Anavar or Oxandrolone is an anabolic steroid that is largely used by fitness enthusiasts who look forward to augment their appearance or help in their workouts. This anabolic steroid is excessively mild in nature and doesn’t come equipped with side effects like other potent steroids. This medication largely helps your muscle production and promotes weight loss. When you wish for improved muscle size and definition without puffy and bulky muscles then the cycle of this steroid proves to be of great help. This medication was created by Searle Laboratories for treating conditions like rapid weight loss and muscle wasting. It is identified as one among the harmless anabolic steroids for both the genders.

Unlike other compounds, this medication is classed as Class I substance that makes an effective combination when stacked with Class II substances like Anadrol or Dianabol. However, a cycle consisting this steroid and Testosterone is taken for helping bodybuilders to achieve weight loss, lean muscle mass besides a more defined build. This steroid doesn’t turn toxic to your liver like other steroids as it is milder and doesn’t increase liver enzymes. Additionally, this medication doesn’t aromatize that’s why it appeals to the fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders. This steroid is regarded as one C17 alpha-alkylated drug that got changed in the 17th position for passing through the liver.

Cycling with testosterone

You can use this steroid and testosterone in cycle dosages. As this compound is mild on your liver hormones so it is capable of losing weight and superior muscle definition. This is also the reason why men and women find it perfect for cutting purposes. Cycling is the process that involves one or more than one performance stimulants. You take specific dosages for some weeks for achieving your goals and size. For gaining specific gains athletes and bodybuilders use this medicine with other compounds, like Deca-Durabolin for developing strength and muscle mass. Users can choose from the countless cycles that include steroids and they are combined in various ways for the optimal outcomes.

Professional bodybuilders believe that Testosterone is the foundation for several steroid stacking cycles. Anavar is regarded as the best for bulking and cutting cycles and particularly when you don’t expect for enormous temporary gains for entering into a competition. The stacking of these two steroids is actually perfect for cutting plus putting on meaningful and real gains in muscle tissues which are sustainable. Few beginners cycle these two compounds. They take a 100mg dosage of Testosterone Propionate every alternate day for the initial 12 weeks then use 50mg of this compound daily for the subsequent 6-8 weeks. They work excellently as this compound works comparatively better when used with other compounds.

Effective for women

Women find it harder to shed fat than men and this works more effectively for women and this is the reason why this steroid is referred to as a “girl steroid”. Many anabolic steroids turn out to be harsh on females and cause numerous unpleasant side effects the most common among them is virilization. But this is seldom seen with this steroid and it brings absolutely no virilizationwhen women use it responsibly. An effective combination can be made by cycling this compound and Testosterone Propionate for any purpose and yielding positive outcomes.