An Ayurvedic Way to Combat Tinnitus

Ever felt one’s ears are ringing and this does not stop? Tinnitus may be the cause of this. The ears are among the most senstive areas of the body and damage in the auditory system could cause sounds like clicking, hissing, roaring, or buzzing in one’s ears. While other people might not even sense it, a tinnitus patient may perceive sound even when no outdoor noise is present.

What is tinnitus?

It is a complex audiological and neurological condition that may affect normal hearing, working or sleeping as well. Elderly people, chain smokers, men, excessive drug users, and people with a history of ear infections or cardiovascular disease have the maximum chances for developing tinnitus. Even though this seems like a short term problem, ears ringing for the long term can be extremely painful and harmful. The condition can be of two types – Subjective (when only the person can hear the noise) or Objective (when a second person, who is near, may listen to the noises as well). Allopathic practitioners have not yet found an effective cure for this, but don’t worry Ayurveda has an effective solution.

Tinnitus and the Ayurvedic approach

In ayurvedic terms, tinnitus is known as Karnanada. Karna stands for ear whereas Nada stands for noise. According to Ayurveda, a distruabance in the balance of the vata dosha leads to tinnitus. The vitiated vata dosha enters the pathways or the ear and causes an individual to hear different sounds. Stress, strain, lack of sleep and headaches are some common causes of tinnitus. Pacifying the excess vata and reversing the damage can be easily done with the help of some ayurvedic medicines and treatments. Here are some ways to do this:

  1. The vata pacifier-Ashwagandha: Everyone is familiar with the many benefits of Ashwagandha. And guess what, this herbal preparation tops the list of ayurvedic remedies for tinnitus. Its phytochemical elements increase serotonin and help a person sleep peacefully. Sound sleep helps reduce vata dosha and relaxes the cranial nerves, which in turn reduce the ringing caused by tinnitus. Mixing this herbal concoction with water or milk and drinking it at night has provento be very effective for a Karnanada patient.
  2. The practise of Karna Purana: Ayurveda has a very holistic approach to this condition and Karna Purana is one of the best options. Karna Purana or Garlic oil drops help provide relief. Use these drops in one’s ear before going to bed for maximum relief. One can also use these drops in the shower. Simply fill both ears with the oil and gently massage around the ear for a minute or two for effective results. This soothes the excess vata dosha and also strengthens the nerves and muscles around the ear.
  3. Rasayana – the anti-ageing technique: Tinnitus is most common in elderly people. With passing age, a person may have a weaker auditory system and Rasayana helps take care of this system. Indian gooseberries, Paribhadra and Bala are some of the herbs that help in this that are part of rasayana and help with this condition.
  4. Yoga for tinnitus: Yoga helps pacify vata dosha in the most natural way. Nasal breathing exercises help slow down the brain, de-stress the body and also make the nervous system strong. One must avoid exercises which involve heavy breathing or holding one’s breath for long periods of time. Instead, using techniques like Anulom-Vilom pranayama, mountain pose, and boat pose prove very effective for relief from Tinnitus.
  5. Vata-pacifying food: Yes, last and foremost, food is the best way to get relief from tinnitus symptoms. Try and have non-processed food until the vata dosha is pacified. Vegetables like avocados, broccoli, carrots, chillies, pumpkin, and cucumber are good vata pacifiers. One can also eat fruits like guava, mangoes, lime, figs and different kinds of nuts for required relief. Cow ghee is very beneficial for tinnitus patients as it helps calm the vata dosha effectively. One’s intake on a daily basis can actually be one of the most effective remedies for this condition.

Sometimes even ayurvedic home remedies fail to cure tinnitus symptoms. In such situations, one must visit an Ayurvedic doctor for treatment. The team at Dr Vaidya’s consists of some of the most efficient Ayurveda practitioners that will provide the best advice and medicines for tinnitus.