Breaking the Habit during Recovery

Every single one of us is guilty of having some truly bad habits. Those of us in recovery will often fall short because of these remaining bad habits, which will almost always be working against you. Choosing a reliable drug rehab can help you to identify your bad habits quickly.

In 2018 there are so many old and new habits that can work against you; perhaps your sleeping schedule is drastically off, maybe you are still smoking too much, you could be spending far too much time on various social media platforms, or perhaps you are still keeping the wrong company. Habits that were formed during your addiction will almost certainly pull you back and off the road to recovery. Breaking some of these habits during your recovery period will make everything so much easier, so let’s find out how you can do it.

Identify Your Worst Habit

There is just no comparison; your finger nail biting is not nearly as bad as your habit of stopping at the pub on the way home from work. There are habits that are easily identifiable as detrimental to your addiction. As easy as they are to identify, they may be the hardest to break. You may still spend time with friends who are strongly linked with your addiction; those who smoke, go drinking, or who still use. Regardless of who these people are, it is important that you identify these habits and put them on the list.

One Habit at a Time

Do not overwhelm yourself by attacking multiple bad habits at the same time. That is, quite simply, foolish and will almost always end in failure. Instead, take a far simpler approach and tackle only one at a time. You already have enough to deal with whilst trying to stay sober, so just concentrate as much as you can on a single habit. There isn’t a single person that can tackle all of their problems at once, so keep it one at a time.


It can be worthwhile identifying the patterns that often lead to you falling for your bad habits. There are addiction triggers and bad habit triggers. If you find yourself falling into addiction and bad habits whilst carrying out the same tasks, during the same time of day, then it can be beneficial for you to identify these patterns and carry out your day as differently as possible to break those patterns that lead to misuse.


Replacing a bad habit with a good one can be the quickest and most effective means of recovery. Instead of seeking out your addiction during times of stress or habit, perhaps you could chew gum or exercise. Once these bad habits are replaced, you will be in a much better position in both life and health.

Keeping Track of Progress

There are so many ways that you can keep track of your recovery and habit-breaking progress. Why not keep a calendar of your success? Every single day that goes by where you have succeeded in not smoking, drinking, using, or whatever habit you were trying to break, mark your calendar so that you can clearly see your overall progress. A calendar is also useful to figure out exactly where you may have stumbled, especially if your progress is logged in detail.

A reliable drug or alcohol rehab can help you get on the path to recovery and, most importantly, help you stay on there. Contact your nearest one today to discuss your treatment.