Carb Cycling For Weight Loss

With all of the diets out there shaming carbohydrate intake, is carbohydrate really the villain? Can you lose weight when eating carbohydrate? Let’s take a look.

Carbohydrates deliver energy to working muscles and are stored in muscles as glycogen. However, can we lose weight while eating carbohydrate? The answer to this question is yes. However, it’s important to be cognizant of how much carbohydrate you are taking in, when you are taking it in, and the type of sources you are using.

For instance prior to a workout is a good time to take in carbohydrate. We want to make sure that our blood sugar is stable and that we have available glucose in the blood for energy during exercise. Prior to a workout would be a great time to take in fruit such as a banana, apple, or grapes. After a workout is another great time to take in carbohydrate. As we work out we deplete the glycogen in our muscles which should then be replenished after a workout. Consuming rice, oatmeal, or sweet potato is a great post-workout meal to help replenish the carbohydrate storage supply in our muscles.

That being said carbohydrates should only be used when needed. For instance, if one is watching TV at the end of the workday it is not necessary to take in carbohydrate. Carbohydrates should be cycled and only used when needed for performance. If this practice is adhered to weight gain will be kept at bay and results will be seen in musculature and strength.