Cockroaches at home? Banish them at once!

Cockroaches are the worst pests to harbour inside a house. We tell you how to deal with them, armed with a good cockroach killer spray.

They are disgusting, crafty pests that leave you scurrying in fear. Cockroaches are a class of creepy pests in the house whose entry must be barred the moment you see even one of them.

Cockroaches at home? Don’t let them in!

Cockroaches are vile pests that must be banished at first sight. The strange thing about this animal is that there is nothing it won’t feed on – even other dead cockroaches! It is as much at home nibbling on fresh food as it is running around on a garbage heap or up and down sewage pipes. Their proximity to filth and dirt make them doubly dangerous, since they are able to contaminate food and areas of food preparation quite easily. Plus, they breed rapidly as well.

Cockroach legs have minute hair that trap particles of whatever they have been walking in – these are then transferred to your crockery, cutlery and food. Infectious germs and microbes can get inside your system and give you a variety of illnesses.

Getting rid of cockroaches – easier said than done!

Have you ever tried squashing a cockroach or aiming a shoe at it? More often than not, the creature escapes unhurt after being stunned for a while. Its tough exoskeleton and flat body structure save it from long term damage. In fact, you cannot hope to kill it unless you exert enough pressure to break its exoskeleton – resulting in a big mess that is too gross to even clean up.

Also, you can try cutting off all sources of nourishment – keeping the trash can tightly covered, taking away all exposed food, not leaving any food and beverage spills on the floor – and the cockroaches will still merrily run around the house. They can survive for long periods of time without any nourishment.

Thus, the only recourse left to you is to kill it using a good cockroach killer spray like Mortein spray.

Why your home needsMortein cockroach killer spray

Of all the ways to kill cockroaches, only a cockroach killer spray shows any degree of success. This is because a good spray like Mortein cockroach killer is able to penetrate the oily film on the cockroach’s body. Once penetrated, the spray acts on the creature’s internal organs and begins to dehydrate it from the inside. Soon, the cockroach dies and you can sweep it up and throw it away.

Mortein cockroach killer spray can immobilise flying cockroaches as well, and you can use the product even on cockroach nests in the house. Use it in warm, dark places like the space under the kitchen sink, behind the WC, the bathroom duct, behind cupboards and inside floor and sink drains where cockroaches normally lurk. Every night, spray these spots and around the trash can to repel and kill cockroaches in the home.