Different Ways of Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Marijuana is one of the most abused drug globally. It is a recreational drug, and most users claim that it is not addictive, so no need to seek for treatment. However, science based research indicates that it is highly addictive just as any other drug.  Due to that, users should seek the addiction treatments, to avoid its life threatening effects that come slowly over time.

Marijuana Statistics

Research suggests that about 9% of those who use the drug sparingly will develop an addiction in future. Nowadays some users start to abuse the drug while young (17 years) hence increasing the percentage of those who abuse the drug in the society.

The Addiction Process

The use of the drug triggers some components of the brain like dopamine that causes relaxation. The action causes a stop-start behaviour on certain brain receptors causing some sort of highness. Leading to dependence for the brain to perform normally-hence addiction.

When to seek for Marijuana addiction treatment

Since marijuana is legalized in most countries and states, it can be difficult to realize if you are already addicted to the drug. Extreme tolerance to the drug, using the drug daily, failed attempts to stop using the drug, deep craving, and general withdrawal, should be an indicator that you need professional treatment.

Therapy Sessions

Behavioural therapy is mostly applied and some of its types include motivational enhancement therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, contingency management and pharmacological therapies. These forms of treatment are always combined, and can be applied as follows;

Motivational Enhance Therapy

The treatment of the marijuana addiction can be achieved by attending motivational enhance therapy sessions. The drug users are taught on how to avoid the drug triggers and how to avoid using the drug even when they are compelled to use it. The addicts may meet in the session hence they may experience that they are not the ones only who are suffering, hence it becomes easier to fight the addiction.

Cognitive Behavioural therapy

The therapy session helps in boosting the addict with the problem-solving skills. They are taught on how to socialize with others so that they can build a worthy lifestyle without depending on the drug.  The specialized therapist will give the addicts the tips of saying no to the drug even when they are offered. The treatment session involves massage, exercise, art-therapy to assist the drug addicts realize that they can make it without the drug.

Contingency Management

This method employs incentive awards to the patients that stay longer without using the drug. The absence of the drug from their systems leads to positive rewards such as cash, employment or payment of fees to further their education.

Pharmacological Therapies

In some instances the drugs may be administered to the addicts. Some anti-depressants may be prescribed such as Serzone and Prozac. It should however be noted that this drug only assists with the management of the effects of the drugs.

As it is common with other drugs, accepting that you are an addict is the first process of treatment. Long term use of the drug leads to several problems therefore it is high time you consider professional marijuana addiction treatment