Eat to Run, Run to Live

A healthy lifestyle can be a challenge to maintain;, the best way to stick to your New Year’s resolution is to have a plan. You could join a multi active sports club, start yoga or take up running. Nothing required accept a pair of good shoes and the outdoors!. Running can beis an amazingly beneficial way to get your fitness up to scratch and improve your general wellbeing.

The key to ensuring your path to a healthier you means your diet is equally as important as your exercise regime. There are simple ways that your diet can enhance your running performance.

First things first; BREAKFAST is essential. If you skip breakfast, chances are you will run out of steam during your workout or shortly thereafter. Good breakfast foods for an active day include things with a low glycaemic index and high protein foods. But, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on flavourr!. Try a smoothie with all your favourite fruits and yogurt for a breakfast on the go. On days when your mornings are more laid back you can explore flourless pancakes made from bananas, eggs and almond flour.

Your pPre-workout snacksmay shouldbe something low G.I and packed with energy, like a banana or avocado on seed bread toast. This will ensure you make it through your workout with slow release energy so you don’t burn out.

A Post-workout snack is required to bring your blood sugar back to normal and avoid a dip in energy levels. Dairy, fruit and nuts (try some yogurt with berries and granola) are all good options to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and energy for the rest of the day.

Foods to avoid before your run include:; melon, watermelon and foods thatknown to cause you to bloat. Eating high fibre before your run could cancause stomach cramps, so save thesem food types forr afterwards. Timing is important, so try to eat about half an hour before you run to ensure you give your food enough time to settle.

Make sure you have a good pair of trainers to avoid doing damage to your knees or back. Breathe through your mouth and fill your stomach with your inhaled breaths for more power. If you exhale when your left foot hits the ground you can avoid cramps. Now you can run like the pros, happy running!