Exploring the Important Considerations for Egg Donation

Donating eggs can be a very rewarding process for many women, who know they will be helping a family or an individual achieve their dream of having children. Many people just think of the physical demands of the program; however, there are other serious parts of the process to consider before making a decision.

The Psychological Aspect

While the physical exam is for more obvious reasons, the psychological exam is an extremely important part of the process. You will have the opportunity to sit with a mental health professional and discuss any concerns you have about donating eggs. The exam will make sure you prepared mentally for the procedure. In addition, the mental health professional will make sure you are mentally fit to follow through with the strict requirements of the entire program. Finally it is critical to the donation center that you will not have regrets or suffer from psychological effects after the procedure. It is important for you to speak open and honestly to the doctor so that both you and the center can decide if this is the right decision for you.

The Recipient Relationship

Another important concern most women have is what the relationship will be with the recipient of the eggs. The answer really depends on you. The center will happily keep your donation confidential; however, there are also other options if you would like to know the recipient. You can choose to give permission for the recipient to contact you once the child reaches a certain age. There is also the option to meet the recipient and ask each other questions. Finally, there is the option of maintaining an on the going relationship with the recipient. This can come in the form of an occasional card or photo or even an ongoing relationship as a family friend. Each one of these arrangements comes with benefits as well as challenges. You should spend some time talking to the professionals as well as your friends and family before deciding which arrangement is best for you.4


The Legal Aspect

Finally there is the legal process. There are two considerations here. First you will be asked to sign informed consent, which means you have been given all the information needed to make an informed decision about the process. In addition, you may be asked to sign a contract, if this is the case you should review it with an attorney and make sure you are comfortable with the legal obligations under the contract.

No matter what your motivation is for egg donation if can be a wonderful opportunity to give a family one of the best joys in the world. Taking the time to understand all the physical, mental and legal aspects of the process is vital to making sure it is the right decision for you and your family.