Five Reasons Why You Must Not Ignore a Missing Tooth

People may lose one or more tooth due to many reasons such as accidents, poor oral health, heredity and so on. When a missing tooth does not seem to affect the aesthetic value of the face, then patients tend to ignore the missing tooth forever. This is however not recommended and experts’ advice such patients to avail dental implants in Sydney as early as possible.

But what happens when the missing tooth is ignored for a long time? Read on to find out more!

  • Slow and steady deterioration of the jaw bone

When a tooth is missing, the bone that is once surrounded the tooth, slowly starts to deteriorate. This painless process is called resorption. Since the tooth is missing and the bone does not have to offer its support, it starts to recede back into the jaw. The osteoclasts break down and the minerals and calcium are transferred into the blood. As a result, the jawbone deteriorates and changes the shape of the face permanently. This is one of the major reasons why people who ignore dental implants in Sydney start to look at a very young age.

  • Missing tooth affects its neighbours too

With time, the neighbouring teeth move towards the space created by the missing tooth and become more susceptible to infection and decay. When these minor problems are ignored for a longer time, then the gum gets affected too.

  • Changes in chewing and speaking patterns

When a tooth goes missing, then the way of speaking and chewing the food also changes drastically. In some instances, the patient may find it difficult to chew the food properly and this leads to digestive problems or loss of nutrition. Sometimes the changed chewing patterns lead to increased wear and tear of the healthy teeth. Missing tooth can also affect the way of speaking and in most cases, the results are not very pleasant.

  • Loss of self esteem

A missing tooth may stop an individual from being confident and expressing himself clearly. This may be because, missing teeth affects the appearance of the person significantly or it may also be due to his changed ways of speaking and use of his tongue. In either case, the missing tooth affects the personality of the patient and spoils his peace of mind.

  • Bad breath

The gap left behind by the missing tooth can trap food particles which tend to stay back for longer periods. This causes bad breath and may lead to oral infections too.

Dental implants are the best possible solution to replace missing too!

While the lowering cost of dental implants in Sydney has been a major reason behind the popularity of the treatment, dental implants offer other benefits too. To start with, they are highly efficient, risk-free and pain-free too. Choose a reliable dental clinic for implants and get the best offer on cost of dental implants in Sydney.

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