How Custom Insoles Saved My Feet

To be completely honest, I don’t pay too much attention to my feet. Of course, I wash them properly when I take a shower and dry them thoroughly before I wear my shoes. I even get the occasional pedicure and foot massage when I want to treat myself. But apart from these things, I don’t really do much for my feet compared to other parts of my body like my face or even my hands.

When I started feeling pain in my feet, my first thought was that it was caused by my job. I work in retail and I stand for long hours every day so I just immediately made the connection. I also remembered the foot injury I had before, when I hurt my foot while dancing. But the pain persisted even when I tried different methods for relief, so I decided to do some research.

After reading a few online resources, I determined that the arches of my feet may have fallen and now I have developed a minor case of flat feet! I didn’t immediately go to a doctor because I wanted to try wearing insoles first. It’s easy to buy arch support insoles in Singapore stores, even online, and I thought I could save money with generic ones. They worked for a while, but the amount of improvement isn’t what I expected so I finally went to the doctor.

The podiatrist said that the arch support insoles I bought were not bad; in fact, he was impressed at the very good quality. But he also told me that although the generic insoles I bought might work for other people who experience foot pain, custom insoles would work better in my case. That’s because custom insoles would be made specifically to support my feet. They will have exact measurements so I would also get the exact kind and amount of support I need.

So I got the custom insoles like my doctor recommended and what do you know? They worked perfectly for me! My shoes became more comfortable to wear and the pain in my feet virtually disappeared. The custom insoles even improved my posture. Before, I used to put my weight on one foot and then the other when I got uncomfortable from standing too long. When I started wearing the insoles, I was able to stand properly without any difficulty. Custom insoles are amazing!

I’m not saying that other arch support insoles in Singapore are not effective. If you want to make your shoes more comfortable or if you feel some mild foot pain, maybe these will work for you. But if you’re like me who has an actual physical condition, you might benefit more from custom insoles.

I’m really glad that I decided to go to a specialist and that I followed their advice. If I didn’t, maybe I would be suffering from worse pain today and might even need surgery. Now, I manage the pain with my custom insoles and some exercises. Sometimes, I even forget that I have flat feet because my situation has improved so much!

And that’s the story of how custom insoles saved my feet.