Thursday 18 October 2018
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How Often Do Cats Need To Be Vaccinated?

This is something that everyone wonders about when they get a cat and when it is time to get the cat vaccinated. There is such a thing as over-vaccinating your cat, which is why you need to talk to a vet you can trust. For example, if you need a good vet suggestion, you can always give Gordon Vet Hospital a go!

Indoor cats need vaccination

Many owners think that just because their cat is an indoor cat that he will not need to be vaccinated at all, but that is false. Just because your cat indoors does not mean that it does not have a risk of catching the usual cat diseases.

Learn about your cat’s needs and make sure that you create a safe environment for your kitty

The vaccines that all cats needs are:

  1. Against fleas

Many people believe that cats can give us fleas as well as to other cats, and while that is true you need to understand that killing off fleas is a very difficult task. Fleas are able to survive the most terrible conditions and they spread quite fast, which is why before an infestation happens you need to prevent it. This means that even the indoor cats are at risk of having a flea infestation.

However, this, of course, does not mean that all cats need to be vaccinated monthly against fleas. If your cat has no skin problems or visible flea infestations that you will be able to tell immediately or by looking at your cat, there is no need for the cat to be vaccinated.

  1. Prevention of the heartworm

You have probably already heard about this, but there are vaccines designed to prevent the heartworm in cats. The heartworm disease is spread by mosquitoes, and they are more than capable of entering your home. This is why even if your cat is an indoor cat, it is still a smart idea to vaccinate your cat against the heartworm disease.

The heartworm prevention is good for all cats and highly recommended. However, the heartworm disease tends to be aerial, which is why some owners decide not to get it, but you should know that this vaccine does not only protects your cat against heartworms, but also many other parasites.

  1. Booster shots

While there is no simple answer when it comes to how often you should vaccinate your car, you need to know that there is an easy answer when talking about whether your indoor cat will need annual booster shots; and that answer is no. The importance of such shots depends on the age, which means that for kittens it is very important they get their shots while the older cats do not need such shots that often.

Adult cats do not need to take booster shots

It is recommended that you diligently vaccinate your cats at about six to eight weeks of age, then ten to twelve weeks and fourteen to sixteen weeks. A booster will probably appear at one year of age, and it is not recommended that your car receives any of the subsequent booster shots more often than once every 3 years.

Final word

Rabies vaccine is another important vaccine that protects your cat against rabies and it is very important since that is one of the deadly diseases. If you have any additional questions when it comes to cat vaccines, you should consult your veterinarian especially if you are looking for the best cat vaccinations services in Sydney.