How to Avoid Any Possible Risks Associated with Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye operation has helped many people to get back their original eye sight. Ever since laser therapy has been introduced, people, who’ve been wearing glasses and lenses have approached ophthalmologist to get their eye sight corrected. Farsightedness and nearsightedness are common problems among people. This happens when there is misalignment in cornea through which light falls incorrectly on retina for image reflection. Laser therapy only removes certain corneal tissues to give it back its normal alignment.

Ann Arbor is supposed to be the 6th largest city of Michigan. It has only one university for studying medical science. Ann Arbor LASIK surgeons are well trained and highly efficient. All medical centers include good facilities handled by the Department of Veteran Affairs. This means all the equipment and technology is of advanced quality.

Laser eye operation has high success rate but generally there are few risks involved with eye surgery with you should be alert of –

  • Sometimes when damage occurs to the eye area through laser then partial vision is lost. This occurs only in 1% of cases which can also happen due to allergies from any eye drops.
  • Visual impairment can also occur which might go away with time but when this problem occurs, the patient will find it difficult to drive at night when he sees a glowing light.
  • Ptosis is a problem where upper eyelid sags. This problem is very rare and gets corrected in few weeks, but when this problem is consistent then, eye surgery is required.
  • Infection is common after surgery because eyes are not used to foreign objects. Infections can be cured with antibiotics and eye drops.
  • When cornea is still curing then patient might suffer with cloudy vision, this is known as corneal haze. The patient is either given eye drops or sometimes it cures on its own.
  • Eyes generally become dry which makes it difficult to generate tears and redness, itchiness is common. If eye drops are given to lubricate then this dryness can be looked into.

There are many more complications that can occur. This is why it is wise to search for an ophthalmologist after doing lot of research about them. Clinics should be selected that have higher success rates. Reading patient’s reviews will give you an idea about the surgeon and the clinic.