Interesting information about Tinnitus Doctor Rockville MD

Tinnitus occurs when you perceive a noise or ringing in your ears. It is a symptom of an underlying condition, like a circulatory system disorder, hearing loss related to age, or an ear injury. It might sound like a ringing, buzzing, hissing, clicking, or roaring, and it can be aggravating and bothersome. It can also affect your ability to hear actual sounds. If you’re looking for a tinnitus doctor Rockville MD, then you’ve come to the right place.

We treat a wide range of hearing conditions, including hearing loss, and we also provide hearing rehabilitation and hearing aids. When you come to us with a complaint of tinnitus, we will do a hearing screening to gauge your hearing loss and to try to establish as much information about your experience with the tinnitus as we can.

Often, it isn’t possible to identify the precise cause of tinnitus, but one common cause is damage to cells in the inner ear. The hairs in your inner ear move with the pressure of sound waves, and this causes ear cells to send an electric signal to your brain, which the brain then interprets as sound. If the inner ear hairs are damaged, they can send random electrical impulses to the brain, which causes tinnitus. Chronic health conditions, injuries, earwax blockage, or many other causes of tinnitus may also be identified.

We understand that tinnitus can cause your quality of life to decrease if it becomes bothersome enough. For some people, tinnitus is so loud it interferes with their ability to hear sounds. This can be annoying and even dangerous in some situations. If you find that your tinnitus is more than just a mild annoyance at times, it is time to visit us.

We can help you identify some treatment options that may be effective in helping to relieve your tinnitus. That can help your ability to hear to improve and thus help your overall quality of life to increase.

We are committed to helping you to find ways to handle your tinnitus effectively and to help it disappear, if possible. Our team of committed audiologists strives to find the cause of your tinnitus, if we can, and we then formulate a plan for helping you to handle it. When you’re looking for a tinnitus doctor Rockville MD, you don’t have to look any further than our office. We are ready to help.