Symptoms that Indicate That You Need To Visit an Orthodontist

In dentistry field, orthodontics is a branch that aims to correct improperly positioned teeth and jaws. It does not matter, if this improperness is from birth or due to some kind of injury. The most crucial thing is to get such issues fixed sooner.

Crooked teeth cannot fit together appropriately making it hard to clean and maintain leading to periodontal disease or tooth decay. Jaw and mouth issues can give rise to hinder your speech or chew ability or detract your physical appearance. Chewing muscles get strained, due to misaligned teeth causing TMJ syndrome as well as pain in the head, back, neck, and shoulder.

Who is an orthodontist?

The person specializing in this field is known as ‘Orthodontist’. To become an orthodontist, the candidate needs to complete 4 years training in ADA approved dental school and two years advanced education in an orthodontist field for specializing.

Benefits of regular orthodontic treatment

Misalignment or crooked teeth can trigger issues in jaw joints, speech, gum, and even lead to uneven teeth wear. All these mouth issues gets resolved visiting ortodont Tallinnas (Orthodontist in Tallinn) regularly. In addition –

  • You get clean and healthy mouth
  • More pleasing and confident appearance
  • Teeth that can last a lifetime

What are the symptoms that indicate you need an orthodontist?


It means inadequate space in your mouth for all the teeth to get positioned properly. This leads to teeth crowding with one another. As the kids grow older, crowding gets worse making it hard to brush or floss your teeth properly. Sometimes, there are severe crowding creating areas, which are impossible to clean. It can cause accumulation of plaque, which leads to gum disease, bad odor, tooth decay, and bone loss surrounding the tooth.

Orthodontic treatment in childhood helps to straighten and align the crooked teeth. Thus future oral pain, risk of gum disease and cavities gets avoided. Crowding in an adult can also be fixed, so as to repair damages already caused as well as avoid future issues.


When the front teeth overlap horizontally and vertically overbite occurs. Overbite is noticeable, when front teeth sticks out further than your bottom teeth. Severity of overbite can cause oral health issues like –

  • Risk of front teeth trauma
  • Likelihood of front teeth fracture
  • Complications and decrease in longevity of cosmetic dental works like veneers, fillings, and crowns


All upper front teeth arrange behind lower front teeth. It is due to disproportionate jaw size leading to issues like –

  • Increase in facial ageing
  • Imbalanced facial appearance
  • Finding it hard to bite and chew


When the upper tooth gets arranged behind lower opposing tooth an abnormal bite or crossbite occurs. If crossbite is not treated then issues like those mentioned below might occur –

  • Breakage of both teeth due to excessive wear
  • Gum recession of affected teeth increases
  • Worn or fractured teeth cannot be restored
  • Asymmetric jaw growth


Front teeth do not touch in an openbite. It causes –

  • Speech issues
  • Difficulty in biting

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