The Health Benefits of Natural Wines: Just a Myth?

Since the turn of the millennium, there have been one or two raised eyebrows in the direction of natural wine; about whether they’re as good for you as they seem and if they’re still enjoyable as regular wine.

The simple answer to this is, yes.

Natural wines can appear to be a bit of a botch to those who have yet to try them as they always used to have a bad reputation. Roughly 10 years ago, many vineyards didn’t apply all that much care into the production of preservative free wine as it was little more than a fad in their eyes. The output would generally be low quality and unlikely to find its way near any dinner party table any time soon.

Fast forward 14 years, however, and you have one of the most exciting innovations in the wine world to discover. Low sulphite wines are everywhere and the range available from reputable wine merchants is of an incredible standard. Winemakers from New Zealand to France and everywhere in between have embraced the new way of enjoying wine and it shows as there is definitely plenty out there that can win an award or two. In fact, the illustrious RAW Natural Wine Fair is now a must for any connoisseur as it draws in huge crowds, all eager to learn more about the tantalising tipple.

So, what are they? Simply put, natural wines have a low amount of sulphites in them to cater for those who may suffer with an allergy. It’s an oft mistake that you can remove sulphites completely from wine but considering they’re vital for the fermentation process, this is not true. Instead, producers will just leave as little sulphite content as possible so that allergy sufferers cannot feel the effects.

It’s often argued that natural wines could very well prove to be the cure for the dreaded hangover as the lack of sulphites doesn’t drain you of your electrolytes which leads to headaches and dehydration. Many people report a feeling of freshness the morning after the night before, which is no doubt a bit of a welcome relief! It’s worth noting that all things are okay in moderation, but natural wines will still cause issues if consumed liberally so please drink responsibly.

You might think that to get big taste with natural wines that you also have to spend big, but that’s not the case. Some high quality natural wines are available for under £10 and are quite approachable for first-time drinkers. They may not be quite as refined as older and pricier bottles but they are still much better than your standard supermarket fare.

You are sure to find your next favourite bottle of natural, organic, or sulphite free wine from a reliable and reputable online retailer. These retailers are deeply passionate about the products they sell, and will be more than happy to talk to you about their products, in order to determine a wine that would suit you best. These retailers will often have a handy ratings system, which will give you an honest insight into the taste and origin of that particular wine. Get in touch today to find out more about sulphite free wines!