The Reasons for Complication for the Arthritis Complication

The awareness regarding arthritis is wide and yet there are a lot who do not have a proper idea regarding the bad habits that they have which actually propel the entire process of arthritis to further complication. Then there are many who do not have arthritis yet, but the chances are high for them as they have all the bad habits that invite the issue. So let us have a look at the complications that are there regarding arthritis and the habits that are for the same. Before this it is important to mention that arthritis happens to be a kind of a joint paid that actually affects the bone itself as well as the nerves in there as well. Now let us have a look at the bad habits finally

The Habit of Texting

When you continuously text or hold the phone for a long time, then that kind of habit can call for serious arthritis problems.

This is the reason that the experts opine that using the dictation apps is the best option now.

Wrong Shoes

The relentless use of the high heels and the other fashion shoes an highlight your look, but eventually it brings the complication of foot arthritis along with it. You will have to choose the right shoes for the long term use that actually comforts the feet, not challenge its normal formation.

Hardcore exercises

You may like building bodies, but it is not always that the hardcore exercise for you will be proper. If you are careful enough, then there are certain postures that may give vent to the arthritis problems. Specially the high impact activities should be done with proper safety measures for the same.

Long term Hunching

The sitting and the sleeping positions are not always proper as there are many who form a hunching position at those times. This, in most of the cases, brings the complication of arthritis.

Smoking Issues

It is not only the heart and lungs that get affected with the practice of smoking, but also the bones. As a originator for the issue of rheumatoid arthritis this happens to be a propagator. Therefore staying away from the habit is the best habit that you should have.

Drinking Alcohol

Moderate drinking is not objectionable. However, too much of drinking surely brings a lot of complications even to the bone. Specially at the joint areas such issues come up quite effectively.

Driving With The Rear-View Mirror Pointed Too High

When you are driving, the placement of the rear view mirror happens to be quite important as if it is quite high, then it is for sure that you will have to bend your head backwards too much. Continuous practice of such brings the arthritis problems.

Prolonged Sitting

According to Dr. David A. Shapiro, owner of a chiropractic office in Brookhaven, GA long term sitting makes tremendous pressure to the discs and bones,”.

Sleeping On Your Back With Too Many Pillows

The final negative habit is using too many pillows at the time you are sleeping on your back. His is another habit that you will need to point.