Things You May Not Know About Wisdom Teeth

Our mouth undergoes various changes in our lifetime and one of the most significant stages is the growth of the wisdom teeth. Each person is unique and so do their wisdom teeth. At times, patients are asked by their dental providers to have wisdom teeth removal. But people often misjudge the prospect of wisdom teeth extraction due to lack of information. Here are some common things that you might not know about wisdom teeth removal in Sydney,

  • There is nothing wise about your wisdom teeth. They often come out misaligned, horizontally or angled toward or away from the adjacent teeth.
  • Improper positioning of the wisdom teeth shouldn’t be taken lightly. They are capable of causing minor problems like pain, tooth decay, gum disease, etc. to major issues like cyst, tumour, infection etc.
  • Partially erupted wisdom tooth can make way for bacteria to invade and they can cause infection. This could result in pain, swelling, jaw stiffness and difficulty in opening your mouth.
  • Wisdom teeth don’t have to be extracted all the time. In some cases, they tend to grow perfectly and in proper alignment, aiding the chewing process. But sometimes, patients undergoing teeth straightening treatments are advised to have wisdom teeth removed even if they are healthy.
  • Though it is hard to believe, some people do not have wisdom teeth.
  • Wisdom teeth that are not extracted must have continual examination as the individual can suffer from wisdom teeth related problems later in his/her life. But the recovery and the healing time period is much more difficult in older people.
  • The cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney is not fixed. It greatly depends on the location and the way they are developed. Thus, it is unique for each person. Removing a wisdom tooth which is fully erupted is just as easy as any other tooth, thus costs less.

  • The wisdom removal cost in Sydney can vary depending on the dental practitioner too. Few clinics offer prices that are more affordable than others by limiting their service exclusively to wisdom teeth removal.
  • Wisdom teeth extraction is not necessarily painful. The patients are given anaesthesiabased on their requirement. This means they do not experience any pain during the procedure. However, the recovery time could be painful but not very.
  • There is a popular myth that wisdom teeth removal could affect a person’s eye sight. This is an obvious misunderstanding. The nerves that are branched to the eyes and the teeth are not interconnected. Thus, your eyes are safe from any dental procedures.

Little knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance. If you any have doubts regarding your wisdom teeth, consult a professional as soon as possible.

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