Things you should Know about Your Medicines

Knowing about medicines is always good. Since medicines help you fight disease and sometimes, cure them too completely, it is better to gain as much knowledge as possible about these. Here are certain important things about medicines that are of critical importance and knowing about it can help you save someone’s life, including your own.

  • Correct Dosage: A medicine works only when you have taken it in correct quantity and at correct intervals. Some medicines are meant to be taken only once a day, some twice and a few others thrice. There are specific minimal time gaps between two dosages that need to be followed. So, it is essential to know about it and take medicines or advice others to follow the routine accordingly.
  • Expiry Date: This is one of the most crucial information you must check on a medicine label. Any medicine taken after expiry date can prove to be fatal. So, it is necessary to take a regular tour to your medicine cabinet and chuck out those tablets, syrups etc that have crossed their expiry date.
  • Dealer information: You must know about the dealer from whom you are buying the medicine. Not all dealers are qualified; some may have done something bad to get black-listed too. So, it is better to check Pharmacy Reviewer forum regularly or keep up with the medicine news to find about the dealers and other latest happenings in the medicine world.
  • Formulations: Though no one expects us to be a pharmacy specialist, but having basic knowledge about the formulations, such as – what the use of formulation is – can be of great help when you need taking medicine on an urgent basis.

Medicine world is as enticing as any other world. Fathoming it deeper can get you pearls of knowledge about the medicines and wisdom of when and when not to use these.