Tocotrienols Vitamin E

If you’ve ever ventured down the vitamin aisle in your local health store, chances are, you know just how overwhelming it can be trying to decide which ones are for you. There’s a vitamin out there for every diet, a supplement for every health purpose, and finding the ones you can personally benefit from isn’t easy.

The reality is, most supplements need only be used if you are, for some reason, unable to get your daily intake of a vitamin or mineral in your daily diet. In the case of tocotrienols, which are part of the vitamin e family, they are difficult to obtain through diet alone, but essential to helping fight off free radicals, the chemicals in the body that can cause cancer.

Tocotrienols can be found in cereal grains, such as barley, oats, rye and and grains, as well as some nuts and vegetable oils.

There are four types of tocotrienols: alpha, beta, gamma and delta, and their anti-oxidant properties can help ward off numerous health issues.

Health experts have discovered that we may be lacking in tocotrienols in our diets, and that a deficiency in the chemical can lead to rapid aging of the skin, cancer, inflammation and other diseases.

What makes tocotrienols unique from other vitamin E supplements is that they are specific in providing more tocotrienols than tocopherols, another vitamin E chemical that we consume far more of in our diets naturally. With tocopherols being a more common form of vitamin E, there is less of a need to consume additional sources of the chemical.

Supplementing with tocotrienols, as opposed to supplementing with a basic vitamin E tocopherols-based formula, enables you to benefit specifically from a nutrient you are most likely under-consuming in your diet. DavosLife, one of the superior tocotrienol supplements currently available, contains a perfectly-balanced ratio of tocotrienols for optimum health and wellness.

Specifically, upping your intake of tocotrienols can help with the following:

Reduced cancer risk

Free radicals cause cell damage, and can lead to the formation of cancer. Tocotrienols prevent the formation of free radicals and can even slow down the growth of cancer cells.

Hair and skin maintenance

The beauty industry has recently discovered the benefits of tocotrienols to the hair and skin, and have started including the ingredient in skin and hair care products. Tocotrienols directly target free radicals, slowing down damage to the skin that can cause early aging, and scalp damage that can cause hair loss.

Osteoporosis prevention

Studies have found that tocotrienols may help with bone growth, maintaining higher bone mineral density and improving the quality of deteriorated bone tissue. People with osteoporosis can benefit from supplementing with tocotrienols as a method of replacing bone that has been lost by the disease.

Heart health

Because tocotrienols can reduce inflammation with their antioxidant properties, they can prevent any free radical damage to the heart, keeping it in optimum health.

In all, while research on tocotrienols is still limited, there is certainly evidence to show that it’s a supplement worth considering in your daily intake. It is simply not possible to achieve the levels of tocotrienols we could truly benefit from in our diets alone, and supplements make an effective solution to improving overall health and wellbeing.