What If he doesn’t want to use a condom…

Women should take greater control of their sexual needs. Buying a condom for women is the first step in this direction.

A lot of men – and a high number of women – are not in favour of using condoms for sex. They feel that the condom reduces the sensual pleasure of the experience. They wish to have skin-on-skin contact during sex. Meanwhile, some women complain of chafing and soreness after the use of condoms.

It might all boil down to the kind of condom men use. If the condom is thick and does not have a super-smooth texture and feel, then it will result in loss of sensation and also increased friction during sex. A thin condom and water-based lube can take care of these issues for both partners.

But if your partner is not interested in wearing a condom at all, because he thinks it is not necessary, then you might have a potential problem on your hands. Some men think that if they withdraw from the vagina before ejaculation then they can prevent a pregnancy. However, this is a wrong approach: even the pre-cum has sperms in it, so the chances of pregnancy are still present. Besides, the condom provides an effective barrier against the spread of STDs.

If he refuses to wear a condom, then you may have to do something about it yourself. Let’s face it, women are equally responsible for their sexual health and pleasure. If he doesn’t wear a condom, you can!

Condoms for women – what they are, how they work

  • Just like a condom for a man is to be worn on the sexual organ, condoms for women are to be worn inside the vagina.
  • They feature a rim that stays outside the body while the rest of the condom is inserted gently with a finger inside the vaginal canal.
  • Unlike a male condom which must be worn on an erect penis, the female condom can be worn for up to 8 hours before intercourse. You can feel it inside your body after insertion, but the sensation is not an unpleasant one especially if you are used to inserting tampons or menstrual cups in the body.
  • Condoms for women are said to be about 75% effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies. They are also useful in staving off the transmission of STDs among sexual partners.
  • Some female condoms make a slight rustling sound during use. Do ensure that you get these condoms from leading brands only – they are designed for good tensile strength so that even thick or long penises will not tear the condom during sex.
  • After sex, sit over a toilet bowl and remove the condom by holding the rim as upright as you can. Roll the condom in its package and the whole lot in a tissue paper before disposal. Make sure to use a fresh condom for every episode of intercourse.