Wrinkle Treatment in India

Wrinkle should only indicate where your smile has been, not your age – this is what a woman at an age of 30 thinks.  Every woman wants flamboyant looks but as one grows older wrinkles begins to appear on face. The skin becomes dark, rough and saggy. This problem of wrinkles has been there for many years but nowadays it has increased due to bad food habit and lifestyle.

To remove this wrinkle one have to do treatment regularly. Wrinkle treatment is very costly outside such as USA, UK, Germany etc. So nowadays people are opting Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, China, Thailand etc., for Skin treatment. Few techniques such as Dermal fillers, radio-frequency and facelifts ensures anti-aging, low skin sagging, high toning of the skin. These treatments are quite effective and results are seen from the very first day. This is the reason why many countries are coming up with new advanced technology in Wrinkle treatment.

Why India is the best place for Wrinkle treatment?

Recently India has become a top destination for medical tourism. It is equipped with some of the best clinics and dermatologists for Wrinkle treatment. According to a medical survey, India is the third most wrinkle surgery center in the world. More than 20000 wrinkle treatment per week occurs in India

Top cities in India like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, and Hyderabad provide wrinkle treatment at an affordable cost keeping in mind the International standards. It has been seen in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, the rate of wrinkle treatment cases are increasing day by day. According to skin specialist in Mumbai increase in consumption of fast-food is one of the primary reasons for skin damage which can lead to wrinkle formation. The presence of wrinkle makes one feel low in confidence.

Dr. Rinky Kapoor, one of the best dermatologist in Mumbai advices that you should drink lots of water and fresh vegetables juice every day to stay fit and look young. According to her these steps to be followed to avoid wrinkles at an early age.

  1. Cabbage juice– In ancient India cabbage was used for wrinkle treatment. Cabbage juice should be extracted and applied on the face for few minutes and let it dry. It tightens skin muscles of your face.
  2. Lemon juice– lemon juice to be applied on faces twice daily. It helps to make your face look bright and glossy. Wrinkles also will not appear on your face
  3. Egg Whites– Egg white is a very popular medicine for wrinkle treatment. It should be applied on the face once in a week.

Now let’s discuss about some of the best techniques available in Mumbai for Wrinkle treatment:


1.Chemical peeling:

Chemical peeling means removing wrinkles, patches and pigmentation of skin by removing dead and damaged cells. It clears the top dermal layer, erases the skin imperfections and makes the skin soft. There may be issues of temporal flaking and irritation of the skin in the first week but slowly it will subside with time.

  1. Botox:

Consisting of a few small injections for a duration of 4 to 6 months, Botox treatment is an effective skin anti aging solution. Botox works wonders to treat fine lines, wrinkles and creases on the forehead to make the face look smooth, soft and youthful. The impact of Botox is noticeable inside a fortnight of taking the treatment.

  1. Mesotherapy:

Hyaluronic acid, peptides, retinols etc.  are a special caviar cocktail of active ingredients and It is introduced into the dermis to improve and render anti-aging benefits to the skin. The choice of ingredients and the method of inducing the same in the skin are based on the skin type of the patient. Mesotherapy helps to rejuvenate skin, increase skin elasticity, soften wrinkles and fine lines and give you healthy and youthful skin.



  1. Fraxel Restore Treatment:

Inappropriate skin tone of the face and skin texture, chest, hands and neck etc. can be treated by this laser therapy. Fraxel restore treatment helps to repair, revitalize and rejuvenate dry, dull and damaged skin cells and creating that youthful and age-defying look. You will experience redness and swelling of the skin experience for about 2 days post treatment but gradually disappears to give flawless and radiant skin.


  1. Affirm Fractional Multiplex Laser:

Aimed at lifting up loose and sagging skin, affirm laser is a fractional laser that uses two wave lengths to render anti-aging benefits to the skin. It helps to rejuvenate, tighten,  tone, retexture and restructure, the skin to effectively give you ageless beautiful skin.

  1. Thermage:

This no hassle, non invasive, single sitting treatment is a rapidly effective anti-aging therapy with no or minimal undesirable after effects. It targets dull, wrinkled and pigmented skin and recuperates and improves it right away. It helps to lighten dark patches, sun spots, age spots, pigmented dermal areas, wrinkles and fine lines and produce youthful rejuvenated skin.


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